Amira is a better early literacy assessment

Teachers have long assessed young readers by observing them read. The cost has been countless instructional hours lost to assessment administration and high variability in how data is collected.

Amira’s assessment uniquely combines direct observation with digital adaptation. Amira listens to students read and then creates running records, audio recordings, metrics, and reports for teachers and parents to review.

The Amira difference

Amira provides early literacy testing that doesn't feel like a test to students, consumes almost no teacher and class time, generates valid and reliable data,
and delivers consistent, predictive outcomes.

The actionable data generated by Amira informs instruction and student groupings, enabling educators to analyze their classroom from an entirely new perspective.

How Amira assessments work...

1. Testing

The student reads a passage out loud to a laptop or tablet and completes supplementary assessment items such as spelling, NWF, and RAN.

2. Scoring

Within 7-9 minutes, Amira listens, records, and scores the assessment - and delivers six different reports.

3. Reporting

Teachers and administrators can review comprehensive reporting including dyslexia risk, running records, ORF, and Amira's proprietary "AREA" Amira Reading Estimated Age score.

100% automation with 100% teacher control

Amira proctors, administers, scores, and analyzes ORF testing and automates the creation of running records. This saves teachers weeks of classroom time over the course of the school year.

Teachers can review and observe student proficiency at their leisure, and if desired, correct and override Amira’s scoring.

Aggravation free running records

Amira creates running records so that you don't have to and pairs them with audio recordings of each student's readings.

From audio records to running records, progress reporting to diagnosis tools, Amira provides better mechanisms for understanding every student's progress and ability over time, enabling teachers to understand their student's needs with unprecedented sophistication.

without the drama

Amira delivers all the curriculum-based measurement you rely on and your state department of education requires. The adaptive screening process takes less than 10 minutes per student, and many students can be assessed simultaneously.

No early literacy assessment is as comprehensive; none is as hassle-free.

Amira is giving me bigger, better snapshots of my students' reading ability throughout the year.

2nd Grade Teacher,
Northern California

Reliable and valid

The single most important attribute of any assessment is psychometric reliability and validity. Amira has years of data that establish the test’s reliability and validity and demonstrate that the items are free from bias.

Schedule a demo today, and learn more about how Amira can improve student outcomes in your school.

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