Amira assesses and tutors your students

Amira recommends appropriately challenging stories, listens as a student reads aloud, and intervenes when helpful.

Amira assesses oral reading fluency and analyzes errors to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Every time a student and Amira read together, Amira generates diagnostic reports that empower teachers and parents.

Why Amira?

Amira gives teachers more time to teach
and gives students a more effective way to practice.

Early Warning

Amira’s Dyslexia Screener identifies students at risk of Dyslexia and other disorders.

In longitudinal testing conducted by the University of Houston, the Screener missed only 1% of students at risk.

Time Saved

Amira saves teachers 90+ hours across the school year by automating Oral Reading Fluency assessment,
Running Records, and
Dyslexia Screening.

Accelerated Growth

Amira uses AI to generate the right reading intervention at the right time. By helping a student at the moment of unproductive struggle, Amira helps create motivated and masterful readers.

Technology based on decades of research

Amira was built in partnership with top institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University, and The University of Texas-Health Science Center at Houston.

Amira's assessment is the digital version of the time-tested TPRI protocol.

Reading is life’s most important skill

Our mission is to make every child a motivated and masterful reader.

Too many kids face a lifetime of lost opportunity because they failed to attain reading fluency by third grade.

Leading schools use Amira

More about Amira

Watch and learn more about how we help educators and students.
Amira Assessment in Action
Personalized Learning With Amira Practice

Partnered with leading providers

Amira delivers the TPRI assessment
HMH delivers Amira to U.S. school districts

Amira does what the teacher doesn’t have time to do. She is a game-changer!

Kelcie Madding,
Gentry Intermediate School

Awards and recognition

Best In Show 2019
2019 Launch Competition Finalist
Top 10 Startup
Grant Winner 2019

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