Technology Based on Decades of Research

Amira was born more than 30 years ago, at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Jack Mostow led dozens of AI scientists and engineers to publish more than 100 studies and field trials. The initiative proved that an intelligent reading tutor could dramatically impact reading outcomes.

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Research from Top Universities

Amira Compared with Human Tutors

Amira’s intelligent tutor was as effective as a certified human tutor and more effective with English Language Learners in producing reading achievement outcomes.

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30+ Sessions Matches Human Tutoring

In a 2020 study in Savannah Chatham School District, Columbia Teachers College consistently found that increased usage of Amira in classrooms was associated with stronger literacy development across all outcomes.

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Accelerated Reading Growth

This 2023 independent study commissioned and conducted by Utah's State Board of Education found that students reading with Amira gained more in reading than their peers without access to the program, and students using Amira had far better results than students using other education technology for literacy support.

Powering Reading Skills

When compared to daily 20-minute Sustained Silent Reading (SSR), students working with an intelligent reading tutor significantly outgained their peers in word identification, word comprehension, passage comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, rapid letter naming, and spelling.

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Mastery Acceleration Among Students with Spanish as a Primary Language

The study documented the power of the software to produce large gains in fluency, word accuracy and sight recognition with students learning English in Chicago Public Schools.

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Evidence for Accelerating Reading Mastery for Emerging Multilingual Students

A series of studies done by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the Intelligent reading tutor had substantial benefits for English Second Language Learners.

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