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AI Elevated Learning: Amira Learning and Istation Join Forces!

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The World's First Intelligent
Reading Assistant

Amira allows students to choose from several appropriately difficult and engaging texts to read. As students read out loud Amira listens, assesses, and when they struggle, Amira provides feedback and support.

In-the-Moment, Personalized Tutoring

Amira marries speech recognition and artificial intelligence with the Science of Reading to deliver personalized and in-the-moment tutoring to students as they practice.
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Accelerated Reading Growth

Multiple independent analyses demonstrate that students who read with Amira for just 10 minutes a day experience reading growth at a rate 2X the national average.
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Revolutionary Insights for Educators

With each reading session, Amira provides reports with detailed data on students' progress. The focus on reading skills provides teachers with the most up-to-date and effective instructional tools.
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Every Child Deserves a
Personalized Tutor.

Independent evaluations and program impact data consistently demonstrate the ability of Amira's tutoring to match or exceed the impact of a human reading tutor.
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Built on Research

Amira is the culmination of a 30-year research and development project launched at Carnegie Mellon University that partnered literacy experts with artificial intelligence scientists to create the first intelligent reading tutor. 

More than 100 peer-reviewed studies were conducted during development.
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Highlighted Studies

Significant Effect Sizes

A study by Carnegie Mellon found that students working with Amira for just 30 minutes a week experienced effect sizes that generated nearly two years of learning over the course of one school year.
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Matches Human Tutoring After 30 Sessions

A recent study by Columbia University found that students who used Amira for 30 or more sessions experienced learning gains on par with human tutoring programs.
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The Science of Reading

Science of Reading research directly informs Amira's interventions for students and reports for teachers.
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Created with Reading Scientists
Designed around Science of Reading
Builds Both Word Recognition and Comprehension
Provides Individualized Reading Practice
60+ Science of Reading Tutoring Techniques

Amira is Used by More Than 2 Million Students
in 900 Districts and 15 Countries Across the Globe

Students using Amira can significantly improve their fluency levels and comprehension in as little as 10 weeks.

Partnered with World-Leading Providers

Amira delivers Science of Reading tutoring because the software was created by world leading learning scientists.

"They actually beg me to get on it, like, "Can I get on Amira next?"

April & Sam, 2nd grade teachers from Columbus, Ohio
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"Doing what Amira does on a daily basis, you just can't get that in any other thing that we do."

Garry, Senior Director of Curriculum & Instruction at McKinney ISD
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“My teachers LOVE and embrace Amira and the data and growth shows the impact. Teachers use it daily as a station during their guided reading time. The students where we saw the most growth were the classrooms that were using it every day.”

Mindy, K-2 Early Literacy Specialist, Dougherty County School System
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"He grew tremendously because of Amira. And his confidence grew. He felt like he could read and there wasn’t pressure around him. He wasn’t comparing himself to other kids."

Emily, Instructional Coach, Nightingale Elementary, Chicago Public Schools
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Awards and Recognition

Awarded the Time Magazine Best Invention of 2021

Forbes AI 50 Company of 2022

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Do You Believe Every Child
Deserves to Become a Reader?

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