Struggling readers face challenges the rest of their lives – You need to act now

The best solution for struggling readers is one to one tutoring and practice. Amira provides both

Amira is an AI-powered reading tutor that provides personalized help as or more effective than a human tutor – particularly for struggling readers.

Created at Carnegie Mellon, funded by Google & Amazon, built by the team behind the two most widely used reading apps in American schools, Amira feels like a game but accelerates reading ability like a personal teacher.

There is simply no substitute for listening to a child read and providing the right feedback where they get stuck.

Help your struggling reader learn to love reading

🔬 Proven Science + 🎮 Reading Game = 🎓 A Stronger Reader

Amira listens as your child reads aloud, providing interactive tutoring and building literacy skills while traveling through personalized “Story Lands”, defeating the Villain, and leveling up to reading mastery.

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Independent research shows:

Using Amira for 20 minutes per day, 3 days per week, doubles reading growth!

Independent Research Studies Conducted by Leading Universities

Child playing the Amira & The Storycraft app on a tablet next to a picture of a chart showing reading improvement over time with Amira & The Storycraft vs without. There is text on the image as well describing that just 20 minutes per day can equal doubled reading growth. Evidence Amira Works
Amira holding her hand out towards a graph showing reading improvement with Amira & The Storycraft app.

Why parents (and teachers!) love Amira

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200+ school districts across America rely on Amira

Many of the country’s top schools are using Amira in the classroom.

Supported by leaders in voice AI and education.

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