Declining Reading Scores Spotlight The Need For AI Solutions

New scorecard published by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) spotlights the need for new solutions to forge reading mastery

November 12, 2019

The new National Reading Scorecard (NAEP) shows disappointing declines in 4th grade reading scores.  The Report, based on assessing hundreds of thousands of students across the USA, found that:

“The average reading score declines between 2019 and 2017 were reflected at all selected percentiles except for the 90th percentile in grade 4 and at all selected percentiles in grade 8.    Lower performing students showed greater score losses than middle and higher performers.   Compared to 2009, reading scores in 2019 were lower for lower-performers at both grades.”

Notwithstanding the heroic efforts of educators and teachers everywhere too many students are not becoming good readers.  The new Reading Scorecard spotlights the need for new solutions to forge reading mastery.   With each passing year, American children are reading less.  Only 16% now regularly pick up books and magazines.   The 2019 NAEP results show that not only are most children failing to achieve reading proficiency, the literacy gap between disadvantaged and advantaged kids is widening.

Amira is bringing the Science of Reading to students by harnessing the power of AI.   Amira is able to listen to young readers read out loud, automatically assess their mastery and deliver deeply personalized 1:1 tutoring.  In research conducted by leading universities like Carnegie Mellon, Amira proved as effective as human tutors in accelerating reading growth.   

“Our mission is to help every child become a motivated and masterful reader.  The NAEP Scorecard shows that too many students are losing the race to become literate by 4th grade.  We know when that happens, they likely face a lifetime of poor educational outcomes and low earnings.” said Mark Angel, CEO of Amira.  “We need to give teachers new tools to turn the tide.”

Amira leverages decades of research at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to:

  • Save teachers time by automating Oral Reading Fluency assessment and Running Records;
  • Accurately monitor student growth and progress by continuously analyzing student ability as they read out loud;
  • Validly and efficiently screen to identify students at risk for development of reading problems, including dyslexia;
  • Practice one-on-one with every student, delivering interactive, real-time tutoring and interventions

To see in Amira in action, access this video.

About NAEP

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas. 

About Amira Learning

Amira Learning is re-inventing learning to read with AI.  Amira is the first interactive avatar able to assess, read along with and coach developmental readers and is led by the former senior technical managers at Renaissance Learning, the leader in Reading Assessment and Practice software in K-12 classrooms. In field research conducted by leading Universities, Amira has demonstrated the ability to help children grow as much as giving each child their own certified human tutor.  For a personalized demo of Amira, email

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