Amira Learning Selected For Futurebound Acceleration Lab

Collaborative effort aims to solve child development’s toughest challenges

October 19, 2019

Amira Learning, Inc., the first AI-powered reading assistant, today announced that the company was among a select group of enterprises chosen for the first Futurebound Acceleration Lab.   The Futurebound Acceleration Lab is a collaborative effort with Gary Community Investments and Uncharted aimed at solving child development’s toughest challenges.  

Half the children in the United States enter kindergarten unprepared to learn, and the resulting toxic stress young children experience has been shown to have damaging effects thoughout their lives.  “We can’t afford to wait on current approaches and methodologies to solve the greatest needs for young children,” said Dr. Sarabeth Berk, Director of Futurebound. ‘We’re igniting an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, experts and leaders who are eager to tackle the complexity of child development for the benefit of children, families and our communities.” 

Amira is bringing the Science of Reading to students everywhere by harnessing the power of AI.   Amira is able to listen to young readers read outloud, automatically assess their mastery and deliver deeply personalized 1:1 tutoring.  In research conducted by leading universities like Carnegie Mellon, Amira proved as effective as human tutors in accelerating reading growth.   Participating in the Futurebound Acceleration Lab will enable Amira to work with schools and districts in Colorado.

“Our mission is to help every child become a motivated and masterful reader.  Research shows that when students fail to become fluent readers by third grade, they are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school and earn nearly 1/3 less over their careers.  We are grateful to Futurebound for enabling Amira to accelerate our progress by selecting us for this great program,” said Mark Angel, CEO of Amira.

The new Acceleration Lab will match ventures with pilot sites, investors, mentors, researchers and partners to help advance their solutions to the toughest child development challenges.  Given that reading is life’s most important skill but 40% of American eight year olds lack even basic reading ability, Amira Learning is a great fit for the acceleration program. 

Amira is being used by leading school districts, including the IDEA Public Schools, Stockton Unified School District and the Oakland Diocese.

Amira leverages decades of research at Carnegie Mellon and University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to:

  • Save teachers time by automating Oral Reading Fluency assessment and Running Records;
  • Accurately monitor student growth and progress by continuously analyzing student ability as they read out loud;
  • Validly and efficiently screen to identify students at risk for development of reading problems, including dyslexia;
  • Practice one-on-one with every student, delivering interactive, real-time tutoring and interventions

To see in Amira in action, access this video.

About Futurebound

Futurebound is a movement of changemakers fueling innovation in child development.   Together, we are creating a future where all children are bound for success.

About Amira Learning

Amira Learning is re-inventing learning to read with AI.  Amira is the first interactive avatar able to assess, read along with and coach developmental readers and is led by the former senior technical managers at Renaissance Learning, the leader in Reading Assessment and Practice software in K-12 classrooms. In field research conducted by leading Universities, Amira has demonstrated the ability to help children grow as much as giving each child their own certified human tutor.  For a personalized demo of Amira, email

Media Contact

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