Logging In (DC Public Schools Only)

Here's how to log in and get started with Amira

1. Log into your district dashboard at http://www.clever.com/in/dcpsk12

2. On the log in screen, plug in your school-issued username and password. (If you have trouble logging in, you can find instructions here. You can also "chat" with us for further information!

3. Scroll down until you see the Amira Learning icon. Click it to open the app.

4. This will bring you to a Welcome! page. Scroll down until you see the Amira avatar (in the picture below.)

5. If you get any popups or error messages, follow the instructions or read this article for more  support.

6. Select Let's do it.


7. Choose Read a story to practice reading aloud with Amira. Once started, there is no pause, so make sure you're ready.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about how to help your child as they read with Amira, review our Top Tips for Parents and the article Tips: Amira Practice.

Need additional help? 
Talk to your teacher to learn how to best support your child's reading.

For questions about Amira, chat with us below or reach out to support@amiralearning.com

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