Getting Started: Meet Amira!

Welcome to Amira! We're excited to read with you this summer!

Begin by watching this informational Amira At Home video as well as this Family Training Video.

Amira: Your Child’s Personal Reading Tutor

  • Learning with Amira is like having a personal reading tutor inside your child's computer.
  • Amira listens attentively and provides help to reinforce skills.
  • Amira is powered by machine learning and will adapt stories to meet your child's needs as they improve.
  • At the end of each story, Amira gives a progress update of how your child is doing so you can set goals and see growth.

Setup is Easy!

Tips to Pass Along to Your Child

  • Amira is a reading tutor listening to your reading.
  • Amira will give you tips as you read words you know, words you don’t know, or words you skip. 
  • Make sure to think about what you're reading because Amira may ask questions about the story at the end. Each story can take 3-10 minutes depending on your level.
  • Amira will change the stories you can read based on how you do each day.  You can re-read stories to improve your score, too.

Excited to Get Started?

1. Make sure your device is ready.

2. Help your child log in. If you are a DCPS parent, you can follow these instructions. If you are a DC Charter School parent, consult this article or follow the instructions provided by your school.

3. Review these Tips for Reading with Amira.

Need additional help? 
Talk to your teacher to learn how to best support your child's reading.

For questions about Amira, chat with us below or reach out to

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