Which headsets do you recommend?

If districts, schools, or families decide to use Amira with a headset, we would highly recommend a headset without a mute button and with a USB such as the Logitech Education Headset w/ Microphone - USB (for non-iOS). For iPads we recommend a headset without a mute button and without a USB connection such as the Logitech Wired 3.5mm Headset w/ Microphone. Here are some factors to consider when choosing headsets:

Microphone - noise cancelling microphone, ideally optimized for dictation software.

Earphones - dual, over-ear or on-ear earphones.

No controls - avoid headsets with accessible mute and volume controls to minimize student distractions.

Microphone Boom/Arm length - choose a microphone with a long enough boom (arm) to extend in front of a student's mouth.

Connector - a USB, analog connection is preferred for non-iOS devices.

     Note for iPads: Choose a headset with a 3.5 mm connection like the one linked above (USB connections are not compatible with iOS when using Amira). If the 3.5mm headset needs an adapter, we strongly recommend an Apple brand lightning adapter or USB-C adapter depending on the type of connection used by your iPad.

Durability - choose a headset that can hold up to repeated student use.

Common errors that can pop-up related to headset use or audio issues in general are listed here. Articles about enabling the microphone on the device in preparation for listening to student audio are also available: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

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