What does flagged (yellow highlighting) mean on the scoring screen?

Amira released a new feature (September 14, 2020) to detect possible audio concerns while the student is reading.

From the Scoring Screen, any questionable audio that may interfere with Amira's ability to accurately score the student's reading is flagged at the phrase level. The flagged words are not used to calculate WCPM or Accuracy unless they are selected to be re-scored as either correct (green) or incorrect (red). Once a flagged phrase is selected from the scoring screen, words within it must be scored and can not be marked as not read or flagged.

The recommendation would be to listen to the audio first before re-scoring any portion of the flagged section.

Next Steps

Visit the Scoring Screen, Metrics, and Reports Quick Guide for more information about how to use the data Amira collects about student reading behaviors.

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