What do I tell families if they say the stories are too hard?

If a student has never used Amira before, on first login they will be presented with a leveling story that is at their grade level.

If a student struggles to get through the story, advise families that it is ok to help with the harder words, but not necessary (see Family Support FAQ for guidance). Amira will provide micro-interventions for unknown words, mistakes, and even if the student stops reading. Unlike an assessment, Amira will guide the student through every word during practice if necessary. There is no time out.

Encourage the family to help the student get through the first story so that the session can save. Saving the first reading, even with the mistakes, is the mechanism Amira uses to level the student.

The lowest level of story that can be provided to students during Amira Practice will still contain CVC words like: bus, dog, fan, hit, pen and basic high frequency words. If students are not yet ready to read words in connected text, suggest other activities to reinforce phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding skills.

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