What are the Amira Benchmark Testing Windows?

This article describes Amira's Benchmark Testing Windows.

Static Benchmark Testing Windows

The following image shows Amira's static benchmark assessment windows for Fall (BOY), Winter (MOY) and Spring (EOY).

By default, students will see Amira Practice. Once a testing window opens, students will see the assessment form (or version) for that term. Benchmark assessments are either assigned via the Tracking Report or the Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessment feature.

Any time an assessment is assigned within the static window, the benchmark assessment will be given as the student’s next activity upon login.

Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessments

System Administrators can set up a benchmark assessment so that all students receive the benchmark assessment during the same timeframe. Enabling this feature eliminates the need for teachers to manually access the Tracking Report and assign the benchmark assessment by class.

There is a unique version of the Benchmark Assessment ORF (oral reading fluency) passage for each of the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Make sure your auto-assign date range does not cross over the static terms.

If Progress Monitoring is Enabled

If you are using Progress Monitoring, you will need to pre-set the district-wide benchmark assessment before each of the above static testing windows opens. Use the Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessment feature to do this.

To set up an auto-assigned benchmark, please visit the support doc here: Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessments.

Next Steps

Make sure your assessments have been configured so that staff and students are able to access the correctly configured assessments.

Speak with your Amira Customer Success representative to request modifications or complete the Configuration Survey.

Refer to The Student Assessment Experience to see all the possible tasks available for assessment.

Email support@amiralearning.com regarding assessment configuration questions.

Need additional help? 
For questions about Amira, chat with us below or reach out to support@amiralearning.com.

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