Amira Reports: Quick Guide

Amira's rich set of reports provide actionable insights you can use to understand student and class performance, differentiate instruction, and guide discussions with parents. You can also print reports or save as PDFs.


Reports Dashboard

Select a report tile to open it.

Available Reports

Each report is described briefly below, followed by printing directions. If you want to learn more about a report, follow the Next Steps suggestions listed at the end of each article.

Tracking Report

Use to assign and track assessments. This report is your source for troubleshooting if student results do not display as expected in other Amira Reports.

Benchmark Report

Compare how students in a class are doing, relative to one another, and to general student populations by providing rankings on several metrics and scales.

Progress Report

View the assessment or practice performance of a student over time. Monitor student gains and gaps. Navigate to previous assessment or practice sessions.

Diagnostic Report

Understand how a student is progressing against the key dimensions of the reading pillars from the Simple View of Reading Framework and get actionable strategies for helping students within their Zone of Proximal Development.

Parent Report

Use to share parent-friendly updates about student's progress on different reading metrics, as well as actionable tips for parents to use at home. 

Dyslexia Report

Quickly view students who have been identified as At Risk or Low Risk on the Dyslexia Screener. This report is an add-on feature, for more information about enabling this report, contact your district Amira Lead or visit our website "Our Products - Dyslexia Screener".


Print Reports

You can easily print Amira report pages or save as PDFs.

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option.
  2. Adjust system print options as needed.
  3. Click Print

Save a Report as a PDF

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option.
  2. Select PDF in the printer or destination field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Adjust PDF options, like layout, as needed.
  5. Choose a location where you want the PDF to be saved.
  6. Click Save again.

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