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This article provides an overview of how to use the Tracking Report to track assessment status, get a quick view of students’ most recent scores, and re-assign an assessment if needed. If you notice students "missing" from other reports or areas within Amira, checking the Tracking Report is a good first step to troubleshooting.

Find the Tracking Report

Click here to see a sample tracking report pdf.

Access the Tracking Report

When you log in with your educator credentials, you land on the Activities Dashboard.

  1. Click Reports in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Click Tracking Report from the Reports screen.


Assessment Status

Track where students are in the assessment process. Amira displays an assessment status for each student so you can see whose assessments are assigned, complete, in process, or need your attention. Here are brief descriptions for each assessment status:

  • Unassessed - student has no assessments or assignments. No action needed from the teacher. The student will be presented with the screener (Fall, Winter or Spring) on first login*
  • Assigned - student has been assigned an assessment to be given at student's next login*
  • In Progress – student is currently reading or has recently finished their assessment.
  • Scoring - assessment has been saved and is in the scoring process. Scoring can take 15 - 30 minutes.
  • Complete - completed assessments display the most recent score (WCPM) and assessment date.
  • Rescored – a completed assessment that has been rescored. Learn more about rescoring in the Scoring Screen article.
  • Incomplete - an assessment was started but was not finished. No action is needed on this report but the teacher needs to remind the student to log back in to finish the assessment.
  • Pre-Reader - student was unable to be leveled into Amira Practice content intended for students reading at the K-3 grade level. Amira Practice passages for Kindergarteners include CVC words like: run, bag, sit, dog, pet and some high frequency words. Pre-Readers would benefit from additional instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness before using Amira.
  • Note: at times, a student may show as Complete on the Tracking Report, but will not show in other reports. This may be due to flagged audio needing to be manually reviewed. Please report this to Amira Support by emailing with the District Name, School Name, Class Name and Student Name.

Assessment Status: Attention Needed

When a student displays a status below, educators should assign an assessment for a student to take at their next login*.

  • Reassess - the student assessment was completed and made its way through the scoring pipeline, but there was an issue which led to an invalid score.
  • Scoring – the student’s assessment is being scored. This may display for up to 24 hours.  If Scoring displays for more than 24 hours, we suggest reassessing the student or emailing support at with the student's name, class name, school name and district name.
  • *Incomplete - an assessment was started but was not finished. No action is needed on this report but the teacher needs to remind the student to log back in to finish the assessment.

Navigate the Tracking Report

Change the Metrics or Scales
From the left sidebar, you can change the metrics or scales of the tracking report to display different scores. For more information read our Metrics article.

Sort by Name

Sort by name to help find students and learn their assessment status.

  • Select the last or first name header to sort by name in ascending order.
  • Select a name header again to sort in descending order.

Review Scores
The score column displays students’ most recent activity scores, which can be assessment or practice, depending on what your school uses.

  • Activity date - scores display the activity date.
  • Benchmarks - scores display a colored bar to indicate how the score compares against benchmarked metrics.
  • Sort - click the Score header to sort by student scores.

Sort by Assessment Status

Select the Assignment Status header to quickly see whose assessments are complete or in process.

Next Steps 

Read our assign an assessment article for more information about how to take action with the assessment status labels mentioned above. To learn more about other reports available to analyze student performance from Amira Assessment or Amira Practices sessions, read the Amira Reports: Quick Guide.


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