How can I access teacher-level reports?

How to Roster Yourself as a Team Teacher So You Can See Reports in Amira

These steps assume that you have a SCHOOL ADMIN role in ED.  To get a School Admin role in ED, contact your ED District Admin. 

STEP 1:  Create a teacher role 

Log in as a SCHOOL ADMIN to Ed 


From the Ed Dashboard, under My Schools, create a new teacher user. Click the radio button next to “Teacher”.

Fill in the school or schools, name, email address, and username.  You may have the same email address as your ADMIN role in ED, just create a different username.  Click Save.


You will receive a “Welcome” email shortly. Wait until Step 3 to open that email and activate your teacher account.

STEP 2:  Add yourself as a “team teacher” to every class you want to view.

Stay logged in as the School Admin in ED.

Under the My Schools tab, click on “Classes” then click “Edit” next to the class you want to edit.

Under “Team Teachers” field, type the name of the teacher you want to add.  Click “Save”.


Repeat this “add team teacher” step for every role (e.g. principal, instructional coach) you want to see reports for within Amira.

STEP 3: Log in as a Teacher in Ed and launch Amira.

Go to your Welcome email.  Click the link in the email to activate your account. Change your password. 

Now, sign into ED with your teacher role. Go to the Discover tab and click “Open” next to the Amira icon:

If you see a username and password field pop up in a new tab, make sure you are completely logged out of the Amira Admin portal in and try again.

Next, a new tab will launch into the teacher portal within  Note that all the drop-down menus should display all teachers you have been granted “team teacher” access to. 

Teachers will need to authorize Amira (or assign Amira to their class) in “manage programs” in order for students to access Amira through ED: Your Friend.

Next Steps

Learn more about Amira Reports for teachers, here.

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