How do I plan for Progress Monitoring?

See this article for more information about how Progress Monitoring works and when to enable it.

Progress Monitoring is a district-wide feature available with the Amira Assessment license. To enable Progress Monitoring, email and/or your Amira Success representative.

When a new testing window opens for the ORF, if a teacher goes to “assign” in their tracking report, the student will automatically receive the ORF for that window (BOY, MOY, and EOY), not the progress monitoring passages.  This is usually not a problem in the BOY or MOY time frames, but can be more of an issue for the EOY.

Note: To overcome this, a district-level admin can assign the window to all students for the district.  So, this would override what the teacher assigns.  So Amira would then give the progress monitoring passages when “assigned.”  Then when the window set by the district admin comes, the student would be given the full ORF.  Use the Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessment feature to do this.

For example, if you plan to give the EOY benchmark on May 15-19, and would like to progress monitor between April 1 and May 14, you will need to set your EOY benchmark window no later than March 31st.

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