How to Log In as An Administrator


The Amira System Admin role will give you access to the following permissions:

The Amira System Admin role will **not** give you access to viewing teacher reports in the Amira platform.  If you would like to see reports as teachers see them, you will need to set yourself up as a Team Teacher in the HMH ED Platform. See this article for a how-to.  

Requesting Access 

There are two levels of access: District Level and School Level.   School Level access may only be granted to a single school within the district.  Credentials take ~7 days to process. 

To request login credentials for a System Admin account, you will need to either:

Once you submit a request for Amira System Admin login credentials, you will receive:

  • A Google form confirming the username and password you requested
  • An email from Dropbox with a link to your folder
  • A welcome email from Domo prompting you to set up your account

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