How can I re-assign an assessment?

There are a few scenarios for wanting to re-assign as assessment, each with a different action. Read the scenarios below to determine which applies to you and what next steps you can take.

Scenario 1: Re-assign due to Tracking Report showing an assessment status as REASSESS (most common)

  • If a student has recently taken an assessment their assessment status will show on the Tracking Report.
  • An assessment status of REASSESS indicates that Amira was unable to complete the scoring for the student and the child needs be re-assigned the assessment to take again.

Scenario 2: Re-assign due to Teacher Judgement

  • If a student has recently taken an assessment, you may listen to the audio recording* and determine that the student should re-take the benchmark assessment.
  • In this case, the teacher can go to the Tracking Report, select the student(s), and re-assigned the assessment.
  • Amira's default setup for most customers (not using progress monitoring) is to give the student the benchmark assessment each time "assign" is selected. Which benchmark assessment being delivered to students is dictated by the time of year and assessment window (Fall: Aug 1 - Nov 30, Winter: Dec 1 - Mar 30, Spring: Apr - Jul 30).

If you are using Progress Monitoring, please contact your district administrator or for guidance on how to reassess a student on the benchmark.

*Note: By default, audio is deleted after the student’s session is scored. To enable audio within Amira, have your authorized district lead refer to the How to Configure Amira article and complete the Configuration Survey.

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