Hardware - Computers, Network and Headsets

In this article, you will find information about supported devices, browsers and minimum network requirements.

After verifying your devices meet our minimum requirements, please review information about IT Information & System Requirements. Please also complete the IT Readiness Checklist and schedule a Go Live Check with Amira Support at support@amiralearning.com.

Supported Devices

Amira supports many devices, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs and iPads (minimum iOS 12).

  • Chromebooks and PCs should have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.
  • Amira recommends iPad iOS 13 for best performance.

     Note: While iPads are supported for student usage, we do not yet support iPad for teachers.

  • Amira does not currently support other tablets or mobile devices.

Supported Browsers

Amira runs on the following browsers:

  • Chrome version 60 and higher
  • Safari version 11.1 and higher (Safari is the only supported browser on iPad)
  • Edge version 16
  • Firefox version 60 and later

     Note: Amira displays an error when your browser is not supported (see our FAQ). Browser updates will restore compatibility.

Network Requirements

Amira requires internet connection speeds of 10 MBPS or higher inbound and 10 MBPS or higher outbound for district and classroom use. To test your network’s speed, perform a web search on the phrase "test network speed" and choose one of the free services to run a quick speed test.

For home use, most standard internet plans provide adequate bandwidth for Amira. However, internet speed may be variable depending on at home use with other devices.


Using a dedicated headset / microphone is strongly encouraged. It improves the reading experience by helping students hear Amira with minimum distraction and by picking up the individual voices of readers in a classroom environment and of soft-spoken readers. Using a dedicated microphone leads to better performance and results.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing headsets:

Microphone - noise cancelling microphone, ideally optimized for dictation software.

Earphones - dual, over-ear or on-ear earphones.

No controls - avoid headsets with accessible mute and volume controls to minimize student distractions.

Microphone Boom/Arm length - choose a microphone with a long enough boom (arm) to extend in front of a student's mouth.

Connector - a USB, analog connection is preferred.

     Note for iPads: For iPads, we recommend a headset with a 3.5 mm connection since USB connections are not compatible with iOS. If the 3.5mm headset needs an adapter, we strongly recommend an Apple brand lightning adapter or USB-C adapter.

Durability - choose a headset that can hold up to repeated student use.

Next Steps

After verifying that your hardware devices meet our minimum requirements, please review information about IT Information & System Requirements. To prepare for full-scale rollout of Amira on school campuses and within classrooms, we recommend completing our IT Readiness Checklist and scheduling a Go Live Check with Amira Support at support@amiralearning.com.

Need additional help? 
For questions about Amira, chat with us below or reach out to support@amiralearning.com.

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