Export District and School-Level Assessment Data

This article walks through the process administrators use to access and export students' most recent assessment activity. Only users with the role of System Administrator will see this option.

Administrators can easily export assessment data into a CSV file. Each student's most recent assessment activity will populate the export. Only Assessment data will export; Practice data is not available in the export.

  • The School-level Administrator role can export the CSV.
  • The District-level Administrator role can export both individual school and/or district-level CSVs for all schools. 

School-Level Assessment Data

1. Log into https://www.amiratutor.com/ with an administrator account to access the System Admin tools.

2. Click District-Wide Results.

3. Choose a school to request a report.

Note: Only one school report pane displays at a time. To view another school’s report options, select it from the drop-down menu. The newly chosen school replaces the previous selection.


4. Click Request a new report.

5. Your report will display a status of Scheduled.

     *Report processing may take several minutes, depending on the number of assessments within the school.

6. After a few minutes, click the refresh button to view the Download Report option.

7. When the Download Report button displays, select it to download the CSV.

Note: District administrators can request and download multiple schools’ reports by selecting schools individually in the School Results menu. Requests are saved as you toggle among the schools.

District-Level Assessment Data

To export all schools’ most recent assessment data to one CSV: 

1. Log into https://www.amiratutor.com/ to access to access the System Admin tools.

2. Click on District-Wide Results.

3. Click Request a new report.*

4. The requested report displays a status of Scheduled.

    *Report processing may take several minutes, depending on the number of assessments across schools.

5. After a few minutes, click the refresh button to view the Download Report option.

6. When the Download Report displays, click it to download the CSV.

Timing Considerations

Download options expire – Administrators have 24 hours to download a requested report. After 24 hours, the download option no longer displays. Administrators can make a new request.

Requesting additional reports – Additional reports for a school can be requested 10 minutes after a previous request. Multiple report requests display in time-stamped rows.

What data is exported in the CSV?

Students’ individual assessment scores from the most recent assessment activity are included in the export: WCPM, AREA Score, ESRI Score, Vocabulary Size and Phonemic Awareness. Dyslexia data is also included (D = Developing, SD = Still Developing). The label of SD translates to the "at risk" level displayed in the Dyslexia Report. To learn more about the metrics Amira uses to evaluate reading ability and track student progress, see Metrics.

Sample District-Wide Export

A sample data export can be downloaded here.

When should we export data?

Amira allows System Admin to export data from the most recent assessment activity.  To export data from all assessment windows, we recommend you download the CSV after the assessment window closes and before the next assessment window opens.  For more information about Assessment Windows, see this FAQ.

Next Steps

If you would like access to the functionality in this article, connect with your District/School Roster Lead to request System Admin access to view Admin Tools as described in the Rostering Guide.

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