District Rollout Plan - Amira Practice

The purpose of this article is to provide district and school leaders with an outline of a rollout plan and district toolkit of resources.

To learn the basics about Amira Practice, review the Student Practice Experience article to access a guided demo, videos, screenshots and resources.



Our successful Amira pilots and customers frame their use and rollout in terms of broader district and school initiatives. During this time of distance learning and supporting families, many districts are choosing Amira Practice goals like the following:

  • Increase reading achievement - as measured by WCPM or Accuracy % per student (staff) and Impact Reports (district)
  • Increase student engagement time reading - as measured by the Progress Report (staff) and Weekly Usage Reports (district)
  • Improve teacher and family communication around literacy - as measured by pre and post surveys, teacher logs, etc.

Setup Rosters and Technology Readiness

Districts new to Amira will need to prepare technology and submit rosters to setup logins for staff and students.

  1. All HMH Customers will roster staff and students through Ed: Your Friend in Learning as early as August (International Customers use the Rostering Guide).
  2. To gain access to the Amira System Admin role (this role only has the ability to download CSV exports of data and setup benchmark cut-points) complete this form.
  3. Visit the IT Checklist article to prepare for on campus or distance learning use of technology with Amira.


  1. Send families a message about Amira (see sample template) along with links to the Support for Families page.

   2. Train staff to use Amira Practice with resources like this training deck (copy/download it to create your own).

   3. Offer follow-up learning opportunities for staff by leveraging the Support for Teachers page or share registration links for Amira sponsored webinars:

  • Leader Toolkit - Attendees of this webinar will receive all the resources they need to create their Amira Success Plan for the year. This webinar is facilitated as a 45 minute work session in that attendees will be making a copy of the slide deck (bit.ly/leadertoolkit20-21) for their own use, brainstorming goals, identifying support plan needs, and scheduling follow up tasks for setup and training. Recording available here.
  • Teacher Toolkit - Attendees of this webinar will receive all the resources they need to launch Amira with students including resources to introduce Amira, troubleshooting tips for devices, best practices around video conferencing with Amira, and a preview of where to access reports. Deck and recording available.
  • Data Dive for Practice - Attendees of this webinar will be able to access student session information after a student has worked with Amira Practice, review student usage, and analyze progress. Deck and recording available.
  • Data Dive for Assessment - Attendees of this webinar will be able to access student session information after a student has worked with Amira Assessment, review assessment status to determine re-assess needs, and analyze performance. Deck and recording available.


Prepare for Support

Plan ahead for the support that staff will likely need to feel successful with distance learning. Brainstorm a plan (see template) for how the district or school will support the different types of questions staff may have.

Next Steps

To monitor student daily usage of Amira Practice via their Review Activity Dashboard and Progress Report.

District leaders can also access the tools above by school and class. Upon request, district Amira leads can access a Usage Report to evaluate school & classroom activity levels, discover areas of success to scale, and places where additional support may be needed.

   Subject: Request for Usage Report - District Name

   Message: In the next week, please email me our District Usage Report.

   Subject: Request for Usage Review Meeting - District Name

   Message: I'd like to schedule a 60 minute planning meeting to brainstorm ways to increase usage. Our team is available during these 3 dates and times next week.

     Date: Time:  

     Date: Time:  

     Date: Time:  

Once you've tackled Amira Practice Rollout, take a look at our Amira Assessment Rollout options.

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