Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessments (District-Wide)

This article describes how district leaders can auto-assign benchmark assessments to students. Enabling this feature eliminates the need for teachers to manually access the Tracking Report and assign the assessment to their students.

STEP 1: Enable an Auto-Assign Benchmark Assessment

Follow the steps below to modify the benchmark testing window.

STEP 2: Decide on the Date Range of the Next Benchmark Window

  • From this page, the district-level System Administrators can modify the current benchmark assessment window (see default windows listed on the right of the screen.) Without setting up these customized windows, teachers must manually assign student assessments via the Tracking Report in order for students to be presented with the assessment upon login.

  • Click the button Setup screening window for benchmark assessment to select the date range and auto-assign assessments to students.

STEP 3:  Edit the Date Range of the Current Window

  • Click on the dates above the calendar view to set up the auto-assignment of the benchmark assessment for your staff for the target testing window.

  • You can also click on the calendar dates themselves to adjust the date range.

  • The dates will automatically save.

NOTE: There is a unique version (or "form") of the benchmark assessment each of the Fall, Winter and Spring window dates listed in the top right corner of your screen. Make sure your customized date range does not cross-over the available window dates.

STEP 4:  Once Students Finish Assessing, Set Your Next Window

Once your students have completed the current window assessments, district administrators will want to set the next window. For example, if your students have completed the Fall (BOY) benchmark, you will want to change the date range in the auto-assign portal for the Winter (MOY) benchmark.

Next Steps

Configure.  Make sure your assessments have been configured so that staff and students will be able to access the test via the windows you have just customized. Speak with your Amira Customer Success representative to request modifications or complete the Configuration Survey. Refer to The Student Assessment Experience to see all the possible tasks available for assessment.

Communicate. Make sure teachers are aware of the first date of the testing window. As soon as students log in on that day, they will be presented with the benchmark assessment.

Plan. If you are using Progress Monitoring, you will need to pre-set the district-wide benchmark assessment before each of the above static testing windows opens.

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