Customize Benchmarking Norms for ORF

This article describes how a user with the role of System Administrator can setup custom oral reading fluency benchmark norms for their school or district to display in addition to national norms (default view). Amira's default norms are described in our Cutpoints document.

  • Districts may add one custom benchmark .
  • Custom benchmarks are for Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) only.
  • Custom benchmarks can display up to three cutlines.
  • System Administrators may create cutlines for any or all of the scales (WCPM, Lexile, Developmental Reading Assessment).
  • Cutlines must be created for every grade and assessment season (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Create Custom Benchmarks

Follow the steps below to add a custom benchmark.

  • The first entries made apply to Kindergarten.
  • From the sidebar navigation Score Configuration section, choose the first scale (WCPM, Lexile, DRA) for which you want to create a cutline.

  • Enter labels and values for your district’s custom cutlines.
  • Labels – Click on the default labels (Intervene, On Watch and On Track) and enter your own label text.
  • Cutmarks – Click in the fields marked with a X and enter cutline values for all three seasons.
  • Note - You do not need to use all three cutline levels. If you use fewer than three levels, do not add labels or values for the unused levels.

  • Click Next Grade to add cutline values for the next grade level.
    Administrators must add cutline values for every grade, K - 3.
  • To add cutlines for another scale, select the scale from the Scale menu and repeat the above steps.
  • Click Save to save your work.
    You can save your work at any time, but you must save before you navigate away from the Custom Benchmark screen in order to retain your changes.

  • Click Enable Benchmark in the final, 3rd grade screen when you are ready to publish or display your custom benchmark.
    Custom benchmarks do not display until you enable them.

Edit Custom Benchmarks

  1. Log into with an administrator account to access Admin tools.
  2. Click the Custom Benchmark tile.
  3. Change the labels and/or values for cutlines you wish to edit.
  • If you wish to remove a cutline level, delete its label and values.
    Amira restores the default label and displays an X in place of custom values.
    1. Click Save when finished to save your changes.


    Disable / Enable Custom Benchmarks

    You can easily disable and enable custom benchmarks after their original creation. A disabled benchmark does not display and cannot be accessed in reports.

    1. Log into with an administrator account to access Admin tools.
    2. Click the Custom Benchmark tile.
  • Drag the Benchmark Status slider under the text at top to the disabled or enabled status, as needed.
    The descriptive text above the slider updates to reflect the new status.
  •     4. Click Save to finish.


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