Assign an Assessment / Reassess

This article is intended for users responsible for administering assessments to students.  

Teachers must assign assessments via the Tracking Report in order for students to take a test with Amira Assessment.

Teachers may also reassign an assessment if the Review Activity Dashboard shows a status other than complete/rescored, if the teacher makes a judgement call to reassess, or if a district has access to our Progress Monitoring module. All assessment status and assignment happens via the Tracking Report.

Note: You cannot unassign an assessment at this time.

Access Tracking Report

  1. Click Reports in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Select Tracking Report from the Reports screen.
  3. Click the names of students you want to take assessments.
    Select multiple students by clicking their names (you do not need to press the control, shift or command keys).
  4. Click Assign assessments at the bottom of the table.

Note: Assign means students will receive an assessment the next time they log into the system.

Deselect / Select All

Deselect students - to deselect a student, click the student name again.

Select All  – click Select All to assign assessments to all students in the class.

Next Steps 

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To learn more about viewing student practice sessions or analyzing progress as a Teacher, visit the Support for Teachers page, Practice section.

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