How to Prepare for the Summer Rollover

The purpose of this article is to show how District or School Leaders need to prepare to transition Amira access for the 2021-22 school year.  For more information about the Ed: Your Friend in Learning rollover, please go to HMH School Year Rollover Checklist.

Where Amira stores longitudinal data

You will want to download your data before July 31st, 2021 because longitudinal (historical) data for prior school years is not available in the Amira app. It is under consideration for a future roadmap improvement.

To preserve 2020-21 data, you will want to save student data files from one of two sources: 

  • Your school or district’s Dropbox folder, or
  • The Amira Admin Portal

You will not need to export data from the HMH Ed platform.

How to request access

You will need an Amira System Admin account to access the data through either of the sources above (Admin Portal or Dropbox).  

There are two levels of access: District level and School level.  To request Amira System Admin credentials, please complete this survey:  

If you would like to request access for multiple users at a district or school, you may complete the survey for each of these users.  You can also make a request by completing the columns within this csv template and emailing it to

How to access data files in your Dropbox folder

We recommend this option because it is the most comprehensive.  Your Dropbox folder contains two files, both of which are refreshed weekly:

  1. A “DATA” file with the most recent assessment data
  • This file has additional columns for F&P, Lexile, DRA, and Accuracy 
  1. A “USAGE” file with your historical usage data

Download these files and store them in a safe place. 


How to extend summer usage beyond July 31st

The standard Amira school year ends on July 31st. However, if you plan to have students practice or assess before the next school year begins, we recommend that you extend the 20-21 school year beyond July 31st.

This process is done simply by emailing to let us know the dates that you are extending summer school until. We will set Amira to work with students passed July 31st, and email you back to let you know when that is updated.

You will need to also ensure that your HMH Ed rostering set up does not promote students to the next grade level on August 1st.

How to export district or school-level data 

The second option is to export the most recent assessment data in the Amira Admin Portal.  See this article for how to access this data.

How to prepare for the school year rollover in the Ed Platform

For more information about the Ed: Your Friend in Learning rollover, please see this HMH Ed: End-of-Year Checklist.

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