Amira Rostering with Ed: Admin Guide

Amira Admin Guide for Ed

The purpose of this article is to assist Amira administrators to set up their district or school’s Amira access in Ed: Your Friend in Learning.  This article will address three topics:

  1. Getting Started with Amira in Ed
  2. The Amira System Admin Role
  3. Setting Up Multi-Class or Multi-School Users
  4. Launching Amira from Ed

Getting Started with Amira in Ed

Instructions for logging in for the first time, registering your account, and setting up roles and permissions are available at Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help.  

Register Your Account

The first time new Ed Admins sign in to Ed: Your Friend in Learning you must register your account. Use the link within the HMH Access Notifications email to open the registration page.  Your Ed platform order confirmation email (a separate email) will contain the 8-digit order number you need to register for your account. Click here for detailed directions. 

Log In (SSO and Direct)

Depending on the type of login used by your organization, see the detailed steps here

Complete Rostering

Administrators can add users, classes and enrollments manually new via mass import methods. Instructions on how to import rosters, add teachers, and add administrators, are available on the Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help site. By default, teachers may manually add and edit their own students and classes; administrators learn more about recommended permission settings here.

Terms of Purchase and Privacy Policy

A district administrator must agree to the Terms of Purchase and Privacy Policy (including data sharing agreement) in order for teachers and students to begin using Amira from Ed. 

The Amira System Admin Role

The Amira System Admin role will give you access to two permissions that are not available through Ed: 

  1. The ability to access a download of a CSV export of assessment data 
  2. The ability to edit the benchmarking cut-points in reports

Typically, a district sets up only a handful of users with this access to monitor KPIs, school board goals, and to compile raw data from Amira with other indicators. This video shows what a System Admin login looks like. This role does NOT have access to Amira Teacher Reports by class or student.  

Use this survey link to request a System Admin user account for Amira. Multiple users may request this role, and access is available at the school level or district level. Once you complete the survey, Amira will send you the login and password information. You will go to and log in with your Amira System Admin credentials. 

For more information about the System Admin role or exporting CSV data in Amira, read this article

Setting Up Multi-Class or Multi-School Users 

This article will show you how to set up your Ed account for access to Amira reports.  In order to do so you will need to roster users as teachers, with access to multiple classes within a school and/or multiple classes across schools. 

For example...

Your district curriculum coordinator, Mr. Reggie Reader, needs access to Amira reports for all K-3 classes across the 4 schools in the district. 

To set up these kinds of users manually, you will need to login to Ed, then:

  • Create a teacher role for the user
  • Add each school the user needs access to
  • Create classes - choose each school, and add classes to school
  • Add the Lead Teacher to each class 
  • Add the user in question as a **Team Teacher** to each class (limit the total number of team teachers to 10 per class)
  • Add students

You may also import teacher, class, and student information from a SIS or import file. Please visit Online Help for step by step instructions.

If you plan to assign any more than 20 classes to a single teacher and are having difficulty, please contact HMH Tech Support at the contact info below. 

Let’s go back to the original example.  

You have given Mr. Reader a teacher role in Ed, assigned him as a team teacher to every K-3 class in all 4 schools.  Mr. Reader will now be able to log into Ed, click on the Amira tile, then access classroom- and student- level reports.

How? Mr. Reader may select one of the class names from the drop-down menu next to the report to toggle from class to class, refreshing the report.  He will see a single list of all K-3 classes he has been assigned to.  For example, when Mr. Reader navigates to the Benchmark Report (password ILoveReading), he would scroll through the list of classes to access the class he wants to see.  

Keep in mind, Mr. Reader may also want to be able to download Amira assessment data available through the Amira Admin role.  You can set up Mr. Reader’s Amira Admin login by completing the Amira System Admin survey.

Launching Amira from Ed 

To launch Amira from Ed, you must be logged into Ed as a teacher.  District and School Admin roles in Ed have permissions related to rostering students and teachers in Ed, but cannot launch Amira from within Ed. 

You may turn off the ED redirect setting, enabling all users to use either the SSO or Standard Ed Login.  We suggest that you turn the redirect setting off temporarily while you access your other accounts, and then turn it back on again when you are done.

Need additional help? 
For questions about Amira, chat with us below.

For technical support, call HMH Tech Support at (800) 323-9239, Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET or email at Be prepared with your device type, browser version, and the steps you’ve taken to solve your problem.

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