Review Activity Dashboard (Practice)

This article describes the features of the Review Activity dashboard. The Review Activity page is the landing/homepage for staff (see below). The default views are Assessment and Adjusted. To view most recent activities, toggle to Practice.

Review Activity Dashboard for Practice

Initially you may see the message, "There are currently no activities to display for this class." This is expected.

After students use Practice, teachers will see students' most recent reading activity, on this screen.

Note: Only saved reading sessions will appear on this dashboard. Students must complete an entire story for it to save. To learn more, visit The Student Practice Experience.

Adjusted – This scoring factors the difficulty of a passage and produces an "equated” WCPM.  If a passage is difficult, the WCPM will be adjusted upwards, and if easy, downwards.

Unadjusted (Raw Scores) – This scoring will reflect the raw WCPM score.  This enables a teacher to see the score they would produce if they sat next to a student and observed them reading, without taking into account the varied difficulty of the passage read.

Elements of the Review Activity Dashboard

Switch Dashboard Views

Select Reports in the upper right screen.

Select Review Activities to return to class view (student tiles).

Class Drop Down Menu

By default, most teachers see their class with no dropdown menu.

Administrators, special educators, coaches, etc. can use the dropdown to go to a different class. To expand access to see more classes, connect with your District / School Rostering Lead and read this article for more information.

Student Tiles


Provides at-a-glance recent student activity info. Click a tile to go to Scoring Screen.

Date - Date of the most recent activity or rescored activity.

Score - WCPM (Words Correct Per Minute) for the most recent activity.

Status - May appear as Complete or Rescored below WCPM.

Next Steps

To watch our Goal Setting Video about how to use the Review Activity Dashboard, click here. To view the Data Dive webinar into Practice, click here.

Are you getting any reports that students are using Amira Practice but you aren't able to find their activity? Visit the FAQ section of the Support for Teachers website to learn more.

Interested in seeing all historical activities for a student in one place? Go to Reports and select Progress Report.

Need additional help? 
For questions about Amira, chat with us below!

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