Dick Collins, CEO of Istation

Responds to Amira's Merger with Istation

Back in 1998, education software programs on the market were ineffective and hard to use. That is why we founded Istation—to bring together imaginative and innovative technology that will engage students to be better readers and learners. We combined proven educational content with Emmy-winning animators and advanced adaptive technology. And over the past 25+ years, Istation has grown into an educational platform that students love, teachers praise, and one that has effectively increased achievement in schools throughout the country.

Today, Amira merged with Istation, creating one dynamic entity. For us, this means more students gain the superpower of reading and learning. This partnership extends the impact Amira will have in the United States and provides new expertise and creativity to a company already deeply committed to driving results in schools.

Confucius once said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Clearly, he never worked in the software industry! We are now excited to share that Istation is joining forces with Amira, the first AI-powered reading assistant, to bring opportunities for students to gain reading fluency and comprehension. Harnessing the power of Amira’s AI reading tutor and combining it with Istation’s vast network and proven reading curriculum, we can empower students through technology that is designed specifically to make them better readers and ultimately better students.

I want to thank the leadership team at Istation and Amira for their support for this merger. I also want to thank Sam Shah of Macquarie Capital for his efforts to help make this merger happen. And I am honored to be Co-Chairman of the Board with Amit Patel of Owl Ventures. I am particularly excited to be working with Mark Angel, who will be the CEO for the combined company. Mark has both the expertise and the vision to bring successful outcomes not only for the company and its employees, but for the students and schools that use our programs.

Ultimately, helping students become better readers not only lifts these young people as individuals, but also their schools and communities as well.

Read more about this new frontier in the Press Release.

Dick Collins,
CEO of Istation
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