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Amira Learning & Istation
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Amira Learning + Istation

Amira Learning and Istation have merged to become the leading provider of AI-powered educational technology.
The business moving forward will be Amira Learning.

This strategic alliance unites two renowned leaders in the science of reading, creating a powerhouse that serves 4 million students today.

Together, we bring an unparalleled depth of expertise, poised to exceed the expectations of educators globally.

AI Leadership Elevated

AI provides the potential for EdTech to finally deliver on their lofty promises.  This partnership positions us to be the leader in fulfilling our potential and truly making a difference in edtech and in the classroom for millions of students.

Mark Angel, CEO of Amira

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Dick Collins, CEO of Istation

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We believe reading becomes a superpower when the joy of learning, the science of reading, and artificial intelligence converge.

Elevating the Future of AI-Driven Education

Blog by Mark Angel, CEO of Amira Learning

This announcement marks an exciting moment in Edtech. Two industry-leading brands are uniting, marking the birth of a pioneering entity at the forefront of AI-driven education.
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Amira & Istation serve over 4 million K-12 students in all 50 states and 17 countries, representing 15% market share.

Strong SEA Partnerships

8 State Educational Agencies have already chosen Amira and Istation for exclusive statewide partnerships.

Gamified Content

Istation has developed thousands of video-based lessons for students and thousands of lesson plans for teachers, delivering engaging and motivational instruction.

Proven AI

Amira has consistently generated 0.4+ effect sizes in published and SEA-conducted research.

Science of Reading Expertise

Amira and Istation are are fundamentally built on The Science of Reading.

Equity via Mountains of Data

Amira has read more than 10 billion words with students from every background, listening to an enormous range of accents and dialects.
Live Webinar

AI Elevated Learning:
Amira Merges with Istation

Amira Learning CEO Mark Angel and Istation Chief Revenue Officer Rich Watson are hosting a live webinar to answer questions about this exciting announcement.

Webinar Details

Thursday, June 13 at 1 pm CST
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Frequently Asked Questions

A New Era in Educational Technology

The combination of Amira Learning and Istation begins a new era in educational technology, ensuring that every student has the tools and support they need to succeed.

Our comprehensive FAQ guide provides more details on this merger and what it means for our customers.
Amira Learning + Istation FAQs >

Press Release

View our press release for more details on this announcement.
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